This sensation was found in excavation of Sri Lanka, everyone sensed …

Anjani’s son, Pawan Suit and Mahavir Vikram Bajrangi, were known by the names of Hanuman ji’s golden mausa, the news of getting excavations during the ongoing excavation in Sri Lanka, after coming to the Internet, the eyes of lakhs of devotees, that holy The mood is disturbed by the philosophy. While some photographs on the Watts App mention that, during the excavation of the gold of Lord Hanuman, the International Ramayan Research Center has got from Sri Lanka.

According to the news, the mud is being told that weighing several hundred kilograms, which has to get the help of 2 cranes to take it. People are calling each other to get the photos, so that they can see the sacred mud. The devotees get print of the photo of this mace, and they have gathered in the work of decorating the house by making big photos.

To know the truth about the news coming to Nate, ‘Punjab Kesari’ contacted Ashok Dhir, who was involved in the research center, he also went to the depth of this matter, the chairman of International Research Center Sri Lanka, Ashok Kant Contacted on the phone, sought information.

According to Ashok Dhir, Ashok Kant said that this mace is not of Lord Hanuman, but some mischievous people have put some photos on internet. Which are just rumors Right now the research center is working on finding that holy mound at the war level.

It is recounted that Ashok Kant has searched around 50 places related to Ramayana, in which Ashok Bhatika, Ravana Mahal, Vibhishan Mahal, Ravana’s airstrip, from which Ravana used to fly in air, using his elusive avocados Used to do, etc. On the other hand, this illusion is happening among the people, who can be the last of such a huge mound, which has to get the help of 2 cranes to raise.