Sanjay dutt broke down after his mother nargis dutt death

Ranbir Kapoor starrer ‘Sanju’ has released another song. The second song of ‘Sanju’ is titled ‘Kar Har Ground Fatah’, which is filmed with Ranbir on his onscreen mother, Manisha Koirala and father Paresh Rawal. A glimpse of Sanjay’s deep relationship with the family in the song is clear.

Talking about the real life of Sanju, she was very close to mother Nargis Dutt, but due to addiction, when the mother was suffering from cancer in America and death was near her then Sanjay Dutt was not in the senses. Nargis wanted to get rid of son’s addiction, but the disease weakened him

When Nargis was admitted to the hospital, she recorded several things in her voice in the tape recorder.

Nargis knew that he no longer had much time left. He wanted that after his departure, Sanjay Dutt listen to those tape records and leave his addiction.