The Ambani family is the Messiah, raised in the same day, 17,000 crores …

Ambani family’s third son, Anmol Ambani has given good news. Indeed, it was difficult for Anil Ambani, who had been under debt burden for a long time, to make money. In such a case, Anmol has raised its first deal, collecting 1700 crores. Anmol is the Director of Reliance Capital, and he has raised Rs 1700 crores by selling 60 per cent stake in Reliance Group, in a company named Codemasters.

However, there was no loss to Anil Ambani in this deal, due to the inexpensive pricing, this deal has gained 25 times more profit. The special thing is that in finishing this deal, Anmol only took one day’s time.

In the year 2009, Anil Ambani Group bought 90% stake in Codemasters, in just Rs 100 crores. Although Reliance Group has confirmed this news, but the information related to the company’s financial transactions is not shared yet.

In addition to codemasters, Reliance Group has also invested in Hollywood Movie Studios, “DreamWorks”. According to media reports, Reliance’s share in the codemasters is now only 30 per cent. The company owns 10 percent stake in the company, the company’s chief executive officer. These shares of RIL have been sold under the public offering.