Lifestyle Easy Home Tips to get rid of body odor due to sweat news

Sweating in the summer is a common practice and sweating leads to less obesity and many
diseases get rid of. Sweat is completely odorless, but when sweating meets the existing
bacteria at the skin level, sweating begins to smell.

Beauty expert Shahnaz Hussain says that by adopting easy domestic remedies like
lemonade, gulabjal, curd, baking, soda, fresh water, the problem of sweating in garamas
can be fully solved.

In the summer season, the odor of sweat becomes a lot of trouble. Many times, under the
underarm, feet and palm, the odor of sweat is to be confused with embarrassment.
Emotional stress, physical exertion, emotional stimulation, diet-Bihar, genetic hormone
imbalance, and high temperatures in the environment can be considered as the main
cause of sweating. Fungal infections can also occur in the body by sweating.

Wear cotton clothes during the festive summer, which will help in the dryness of sweat.
Change clothes in the summer every day and open and light clothes prove more suitable
and comfortable. Deodorants prove to be very helpful in stopping sweating in summer.
Always prioritize the use of light fragrant deodorants, because the fragrance deodorant
can cause skin irritation or sensitive chemical effect, which can cause skin damage and
black spots on the skin. Apart from this, talcum powder and perfumes can also be used.

Shahnaz Hussein, famously known as Herbal Queen, said that waking soda plays an
important role in stopping the odor of sweat. Combine wennig soda, water and lemon juice
and make paste and apply this paste to under ambouse for 10 minutes and wash it with
fresh water. This will help prevent stubbing of sweat. Mix a mixture of baking soda and
talcum powder and apply it under fresh amrows and feet after 10 minutes and add fresh
water. This will get rid of sweat problem