This person is picking up the city’s garbage with a luxury car-Swachh Bharat Mission

These are Dr. Abhneet Gupta. Doctor Abhinet sacrificed his car of 70 lakhs and contributed significantly to Swachh Bharat Mission. The honored skin clinics are hostages. Tell them they had gifted this car to their father on Valentines Day. Want to make people aware about portrayed hygiene?

The purpose of throwing garbage from this expensive car is to make people aware of cleanliness. According to him, wherever he gets the opportunity to clean himself, his family also supports him in this work.

It is not that doctors are just acting in this work, many people are involved in helping them. In this campaign his father also encouraged the son and according to Dr. Abhineet, his own father is his role model.

Attaching a trolley behind the car and starting from Lunabhatti, collected garbage from New Market, MP Nagar, Ten Number, Bitton Market etc.